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We conducted CNC Frog tests with the OPT Lasers PLH3D 2W laser installed. The PLH3D-Series is designed for industrial, service, and hobby applications. Our standalone blue laser heads work especially well for laser engraving. Laser heads stand out with their small dimensions, long life, solid and user-friendly design as well as resistance to pollution and damage. PLH3D-Series engraving laser heads are designed to work with materials such as wood, plywood, balsa, cardboard, paper, leather, rubber, plastics, and foams. These blue lasers also work well at marking stainless steel and titanium.

PLH3D-2W Engraving Laser Head

Smallest but still powerful laser head from PLH3D series. PLH3D-2W is a medium power laser head equipped with 450 nm laser diode and high-resolution lens. Compact design and very lightweight (70 grams) allow installing the laser head even in small and delicate machines. Driver equipped with LED informs the user when the laser head is armed.