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Offline controller firmware update

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To update the offline controller firmware you have to follow the next steps

Step 1 – Download the latest firmware from our download page: https://www.cncfrog.eu/download/

Remember to always download the latest firmware version!

Download firmware
Step 2 – Copy the firmware file to the SD card, which you will later put in the offline controller.
Put firmware file on SD card
Step 3 – Rename the file to: FW.bin
Step 4 –  Turn off CNC frog

Never insert the SD card on a powered milling machine during the firmware update.

Turn off CNCFrog
Step 5 – Put the SD card in the offline controller.
Put SD card to offline controller
Step 6 – Turn on CNC Frog
Turn on CNC Frog
Step 7 – Wait for the update to complete.
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