Be a maker, be creative!

Create fantastic things at home our CNCFROG milling machine will help you create a real detail based on a computer model.


Workpiece materials are unlimited:

you can process materials such as wood, plastics thermoplastic (PS polystyrene, such as polystyrene ®, EPS, Depron ®, Selitron ®), ABS, PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene e.g. PPE) soft / hard PVC, Lexan ®, polyamide, plexi ®), some elastomers / thermosets, mixed materials such as DIBOND up to carbon and metals (aluminum, brass or copper).

Easy to use

Easy to use

Nowadays there are makers, who build incredible things in their small home workshops. The development of technology made it possible to introduce new tools, which have revolutionized the way machines are prototyped or produced in small series.

Quick and easy assembly

Quick and easy assembly

CNCFrog is supplied as a set of parts for self-assembly, which takes a few hours with the included assembly manual. The manual is prepared in a way to minimize issues. It will lead you step by step and show how to set up parts with each other. You will use just a few basic tools.


One of a kind

We've created the perfect product for people with unlimited creative ideas


The device is delivered with all the necessary equipment: all mechanical and electronic components, power supplies and cables are included.

Don’t worry! The manual is prepared in a way to minimize issues. It will lead you step by step and show how to set up parts with each other


CNCFrog milling machine is equipped with a controller with an LCD screen, which you can use to move the axes or launch a G-code file from a microSD card.

•working area: 290×360 mm
•LDO nema 17 stepper motors with integrated trapezoidal screw on all axes
•linear rods fi 12 with linear bearings LMU1200 5 rows of balls
•two on each rods twisted relative to each other
•X axis shifted back for better weight distribution
•structural elements printed from strong PETG
·limit switches on all axes
•own control board compatible with GRBL 1.1
•control electronics with an LCD display for offline use
•8 mm MDF work table, milled, engraved logo with warning icons
•grille with holes for claw nuts for holding the workpiece together
•additional stickers with warning icons
•safe module with safety disc and socket for connecting the spindle
•MeanWell HRP-150 modular power supply
•compatible with the following power tools


Make your idea come true

It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.

Lightning Fast

Lightning Fast

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Unlimited Options

Unlimited Options

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Color Options

Color Options

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Get your Product today!

Get your Product today!

Our CNCFrog milling machine is an another tool, that will get you to another level.