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Nowadays there are makers, who build incredible things in their small home workshops. The development of technology made it possible to introduce new tools, which have revolutionized the way machines are prototyped or produced in small series. Our CNCFrog milling machine is an another tool, that will get you to another level. Born from passion for 3D printing and love to build. Assemble your CNCFrog with us!


CNCFrog will help you create a real object based on a digital model. Using an appropriate modeling software, e.g. open source Inkscape or CAD package (AutoCAD, Inventor, Fusion 360 etc. Carbide Create https://carbide3d.com/carbidecreate/) you’ll be able to create a model and CNCJS (https://cnc.js.org) Candle (https://github.com/Denvi/Candle), OpenBuilds CONTROL (https://software.openbuilds.com/) software will send it to the milling machine running the GRBL firmware, which will then cut the desired object based on G-CODE.

Using the CNCFrog you will be able to precisely and efficiently create parts as often as you need it. Supported materials are virtually limitless: CNCFrog and optional accessories can handle materials such as wood, thermoplastics (PS (polystyrene, such as Styrofoam®, EPS, Depron ®, Selitron ®), ABS, PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene, e.g. PPE) soft / hard PVC, Lexan ®, polyamide, acrylic glass ®), some elastomers / thermosets, composite materials, such as DIBOND, and even carbon and non-ferrous metals (aluminum, brass or copper). Every of those materials needs the appropriate set of tools.

CNCFrog is supplied as a set of parts for self-assembly, which takes a few hours with the included assembly manual. The manual is prepared in a way to minimize issues. It will lead you step by step and show how to set up parts with each other. You will use just a few basic tools. The device is delivered with all the necessary equipment: all mechanical and electronic components, power supplies and cables are included.