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Safety instructions

Safety instructionsProceed with extreme caution when operating the milling machine. It is is an electrical device with moving parts.


  1. This device is intended for use only indoors. Do not expose it to elements, like rain or snow. Always keep the device in dry environment, located at least 30 cm from other items.
  2. Always place the milling machine on a stable, sturdy surface and make sure it is not able to fall or tip over.
  3. The milling machine’s supply is household power outlet 230 VAC, 50 Hz or 110 VAC / 60 Hz; Never connect the device to a different power supply, as it may cause malfunction or damage.
  4. Place the power cord in a way that you can’t stumble on it, step on it or otherwise expose to any damage. Make sure the power cord is not damaged mechanically or in any other way. In case of cable damage stop using it immediately and replace it.
  5. When disconnecting the power cord from the socket, pull the plug rather than the cord to reduce the risk of damage to the plug or AC outlet.
  6. Never disassemble the machine’s power supply, as it does not contain any parts that could be repaired by an untrained operator. All repairs must be performed by a qualified technician.
  7. Do not touch the cutter while the machine is running. Remember that moving parts could cause injuries
  8. Prevent underaged from unsupervised access to the device even when it is not running—minors should use the machine only under supervision of an adult!
  9. Do not leave the milling machine unattended while it’s on!
  10. The process of milling produces chips, dust and other pollution, so keep the area around the machine clean. Use a vacuum cleaner to minimize the spread of dust and chips and cumulation of those on machine’s moving parts. Failing to do so may lead to its damage.